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Integrating LightwaveRF with Silent Gliss 5100 motorised curtains.
The comapany states that the ports on the bottom of the Silent Gliss 5100 motor should not be used. 
When I called them, they simply said it wasn't compatible with third party home automation systems.

I found sketchy information to say the least while researching this but the Silent Gliss looked like the system of choice for me and being an electronics tech-head I thought I'd take a gamble.

It paid off and I have a Silent Gliss curtain system working a treat with LightwaveRF. 
This is how I done it.
First of all make up a lead with a 6-pin RJ11 plug. Plugs are readily avalable from Amazon etc. and I used 6-core burglar alarm cable. Follow the colours shown here.

In fact, only pins 2,3 and 5 are needed. I didn't test what conditions might be on the others so best insulate the other wires to avoid anything shorting.

For this to work with LightwaveRF, The LightwaveRF Smart Series Generation 2 Mini Relay is required. These cost around £60
I'm not going to describe adding the relay to LightwaveRF as I'm assuming you will already be familliar with this. 

Next, using the cable you just made up, connect the relay to the Silent Gliss 5100 (port A) as in the diagram below.


The Silent Gliss 5100 responds to a momentary pulse created by briefly shorting pins 2-3 or 2-5 (Open / Close)

Now the thing here is that LightwaveRF does not do 'momentary' actions. So when you command the relay "Open" it will switch to the open position and stay there. Likewise, when you command it to close, it will switch to the closed position and stay there. There is also a 'Stop' position where is will sit in the middle. 
Fortuneately, the Silent Gliss doesn't mind if the relay stays one way of the other. When the relay switches to 'Open' the curtains will open fully and stop. However, we can make LightwaveRF do some clever things with routines. 

Create a new 'Timed Automation' on your LightwaveRF app. Set the time to 'Dusk' and then add an action. The first thing to do is set the relay to 'Stop'. This makes sures it is in the 'Stop' position before we start. Then, 1 second later, set it to 'Close' then, 10 seconds later set it to 'Stop'.

Your curtains will now close at dusk. 

Another little trick is to create another routine with the following
'Stop', 1second later 'Open', 4 seconds later 'Close', 10 seconds later 'Stop'
This will open the curtains about half way. Going straight from Open to Close causes the curtains to stop. You can adjust the 4 seconds to get the exact position you like.

  • Always start and end the routine with 'Stop'

I hope this helps if you've been struggling to find information about this. 

Lastly, I had some information which suggested Open and Close were the other way around. If you find this to be the case, simply reverse the Yellow and Red wires. Black should remain the Common.
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